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Water – Source of life


Austria is envied all around the world for its water reserves. The excellent quality of the thermal and mountain springs offers ideal conditions for a health retreat holiday. Thanks to its abundant clean water, stunning landscapes, wide range of sport and relaxation offers, culinary delicicies and traditional cuisine, Austria is the ideal spot for restoring new energies into your daily routine.

Austria is the country of the innumerable lakes and thermal springs. This variety has made Austria a top holiday destination for the whole family, whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter .

The quality of Austrian water is well known all over the world. The leisure lakes are of drinking water quality and many mountain sources and thermal springs have healing properties. The many spa resorts with their lakes, thermal springs and health centres are very popular at home and abroad for their excellent reputation.

Austria – land of the lakes


Austria’s many spa resorts and thermal springs offer a wide range of alternative therapies, cures and possibilities for relaxation. The Austrian thermal springs and health resorts offer the opportunity for shaping up body and health: kinetotherapy, cure of deseases of the urinary tract, heart-circulation deseases, rheumatism, convalescence, rehabilitation, therapies or simply for relaxation and restoring new energies.

Spa resorts in Austria

Nowadays more than ever water is very precious. Such an abundance of excellent drinking water is not to be found everywhere or at such low costs. That’s why we have to stop and appreciate this luxury product.

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